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Seun Kuti’s Election Advice For Kenya

Kenyan newspaper The Star has reported that Sean Kuti - Afrobeat musician and the son of the late Nigerian musical legend Femi Kuti - has addressed Kenyan youth about the upcoming election while in Nairobi.

Kuti, who stated he was in Kenya on private business, revealed he had met with a variety of Kenyan artists while in the country. He admitted to meeting with artists such as Just A band, Aaron Rimbui and Muthoni Ndong’a to name a few.

Seun, who like his father before him is a vocal social activist, was a prominent supporter of the Occupy Nigeria movement in 2012. He was reported to have had this to say to Kenyans ahead of the 4 March elections "As we all know democracy is hard to achieve and practice. You need to participate by voting. Protect your vote because it is all that you have."

In the same reports he is quoted reflecting on life with his legendary father, saying: "Growing up with my Dad was memorable in so many ways. By the time I was born, his activism days were behind him. I remember he was a good story teller.”

Fela Kuti was vociferously critical of many of the social condition present during his era, including military governments. He would buy advertising space in local newspapers in order to publish political columns which expounded on his championing of Afrocentrism as well as other issues close to his heart.

There are grave and widespread fears that there will be a repeat of the 2007/2008 Kenyan election violence which left over 1000 people dead and more than 200 000 displaced. The violence came about as result of campaigning which played heavily on Kenya's ethnic tensions.



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