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Do You Feel Lost in the Dark? Read This

Do You Feel Lost in the Dark? Read This

Written by Justin Akadonye

You seem to be lost in the cocoon of your own wishes, trapped in the turmoil of what used to be described as sanity.

It’s as though the day just dawns to bore you, as though waking up makes you so sore.

How did you get here, how do you erase this fear?

The fear of knowing you are not getting your heart’s utmost need, who planted this dreadful seed?

I remember when life was filled with just sunshine when you’d walk through each day without caring about the troubles of tomorrow.

Sanity, satisfaction, sense of fulfilment! Where did they all go?

I just wonder—I really do!

Does the sun still rise in the east, is honey still sweet?

I miss yesterday, I miss my entire sane world, and I miss you more!

Have you ever felt like your whole life has been taken away from you?

Have you ever felt like this whole world was just a stage, and we are mere dramatis personae, acting some humdrum script?

So many questions, so many whys, so many hows and yet they pour in, ceaselessly!

Friends Or dare I say, wolves? Who are just there because of convenience, who only care about the inconvenience they cause—just after their own selfish interests and desires…. How shallow!

No matter what, they say life goes on and on--- well! It just has to and we have to move on with it.

I once heard someone say “life is beautiful”, well! Is it? Or it’s just another painting that feels surreal and bland.

But hey! It is up to us to bring life from all this dullness, to bring out a light, in all of this gloom.

Yea! I’m sure you have heard the story of the light and the tunnel. I still want to believe that it can happen and not just in my head.


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