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Protest: Group accuses NLC of Compromise

Protest: Group accuses NLC of Compromise


A civil Society Group, Alliance for Social Justice has accused the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress, under Joe Ajaero of being inconsistent, deceptive, and insincere in their handling of issues of national importance.

Recall that the Union after its National Executive Council meeting suspended the day two protest over the poor state of the nation.
The Alliance for Social Justice in a statement issued in Abuja and signed by its Chairman, Linus Akpegwu, raised concerns about the lack of credible national goals being set by the current leadership of the Congress.
It added that the recent development has called into question the credibility of the leadership of the NLC, saying recent events have shown a drastic degradation in the leadership of the NLC, leading to a loss of credibility and trust among the Nigerian public.

The Civil Society Group emphasized that the current leadership has failed in its duty to represent the best interests of Nigerian workers and has instead become entangled in political games and personal vendettas.

According to the Group, Workers in Nigeria deserve better than what they are currently getting from their supposed representatives noting that, It is time for the NLC to listen to the concerns of the people they are meant to serve and make the necessary changes to ensure that they are truly representing the interests of the working class.
It added that the NLC cannot continue to function effectively, if it is led by individuals who are more interested in political gamesmanship than in the welfare of Nigerian workers.

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