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Crisis In Davido’s HKN Gang

Information from multiple sources confirms that there is crisis in the HKN Gang; the popular record label that attained overwhelming fame and success in 2012 may have been bitten by the recent ‘break up’ bug and might lose two of it’s popular acts B Red and Sinarambo.

After working together as a music crew for close to a decade, there are very strong indications that popstar Davido ‘Davido‘ Adeleke is parting ways with his pop singing cousins (his father’s elder brother’s sons) and label mates, Bayo ‘B Red‘ Adeleke and Sina ‘Sinarambo‘ Adeleke.

Sources say tension has been building among the cousins for a while ‘but B Red and Sina have been playing it cool’. Apparently, the lesser known cousins now want out.

Sources made it known that a big fight allegedly ensued between Davido and cousins B Red and Sinarambo some weeks back in Atlanta. The cousins had accused Davido of not doing much for their careers as much as he should after they chose him as the label’s front line act. They also accused him of not giving them a chance to fully promote their new singles only to overshadow them at any given chance.

As we all know Davido’s music career skyrocketed with hit songs and a debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo‘. He was immediately placed as an A-list artiste in Nigeria, topping charts, performing in different continents, winning awards, and bagging multi-million Naira endorsement deals.

‘Now that Davido has blown, it was Sinarambo and B red’s turn, but things didn’t seem to follow again‘, a source said. ‘Every time Sina or B Red released a song or video, Davido would release his own music and somehow it overshadowed theirs’.

October 15, 2012 - Sinarambo releases his much anticipated first single-video ‘Ijo sina‘ feat Davido.

October 17, 2012 - Davido releases ‘Gbon gbon‘ off his ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ album.

February 8, 2013 - B Red releases first single ’Insane girl’ feat Davido.

February 25, 2013 - Davido releases controversial single ‘Gobe’.


They had a fight in Atlanta got physical after B Red and Sinarambo aggressively questioned Davido over the matter. ‘The fight damaged property in their ATL home, it started in the car and continued in the house‘.

Davido then traveled to Houston during the All star weekend to perform alongside Nas. He later traveled back to Nigeria and headed straight to Ghana for a performance.

Sources say, Sina and B Red were stuck in Atlanta (B Red has since returned while Sina is still in Atlanta). Davido’s father, we learn is now aware of the fight and has extricated the cousins. B Red we are told has also moved out of Davido’s house.

The ‘Insane girl’ singer who is Davido’s official hype man was missing at Davido’s side at two recent campus performances in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Ibadan (UI). He also didn’t attend Davido’s mum’s remembrance ceremony.

Davido’s new manager Kamal (one of the guys who Dr SID says was present when he had that leaked conversation with Davido) says we shouldn’t fret. ‘There’s no problem in HKN, Sina is working with some people in ATL at the moment and B Red is cool with Davido’.

In related news, it is being reported that Davido has signed a upcoming pop singers Ghanaian act Deekay and Nigerian act Danagog.

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