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See why 2018 Lincoln Navigator is the best SUV ever

See why 2018 Lincoln Navigator is the best SUV ever

More than ever before, Lincoln Navigator is gaining more visibility in the automobile world. The 2018 Lincoln SUV is far becoming the rave of the moment.

 Asides Lincoln Truck bagging the North American Truck of the Year award for 2018.

The 2018 Navigator takes the idea of the American land yacht and scales it up into a cruise ship. You can even get it decked out in a very nautical light blue leather and whitewashed wood interior that’s almost too on the nose, considering that a lot of these will spend their lives with boats in tow.

That sort of thing used to be the main reason to buy a pickup truck-based luxury SUV like the Navigator, rather than a sedan or crossover, but this one shines on its own against all comers at its $73,250 starting price. Most important, it outdoes the Cadillac Escalade in pretty much every way.

Exterior styling is one that’s up for debate. The Escalade’s dramatic look does still make a heck of an entrance, but it might be too flashy for some. On the other hand, the Navigator presents a classy, but more conservative air.
2018 Lincoln Navigator

This blue and whitewashed wood interior will fit right in at the yacht club.

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The Navigator’s interior wins hands-down with well-designed controls and lavish mid-century-inspired design themes that include long lines, miles of chrome trim and epic wood planking. The only thing missing is a horizontal speedometer graphic for its digital instrument cluster, which sounds like a good idea for a hack

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