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You Can't Have What You Never Really Wanted!

You Can't Have What You Never Really Wanted!

Written by: Justin Akadonye

I saw a Friend today and she told me you were in town, and the memories came pouring down like a deluge.

How the years have gone by, leaving us with just memories, however accursed!

Sadly, how you left without a thought, claiming you seek the greener lawn on the other side. It was now all about Felix, Hmmm!

We had hoped; we shared moments, even promises of an enduring future. Ironically, they are all gone with the wind!

You just changed so suddenly, almost ranting at the slightest provocation, and I just laid there wondering: "Was it something I said?"

How can you claim to know what love is, if you only want to be fair-weather? How could you be in love with yourself alone, cause I know my feeling didn't count.

After all this time, when he's left you high and dry, I hear you want to come back home to me?

Much easier said than done, because that ship has sailed far away, after all these years.


So long, Cherie!

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