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7 types of men you should never marry

7 types of men you should never marry

When it comes to choosing a life partner, every lady needs to be very careful before jumping into marriage because once you get married to a wrong person you are doomed for life.

It could be adventurous to date some kind of guys but getting married to these men could be worst than you can ever imagine. Some ladies believe they can always change a man but trust me character is like a smoke no matter how you try to conceal it, it will definitely find its way out.

That is why getting married to the right person is key for a successful marriage.

Eventhough there is no perfect being, it will be better to keep away from these types of men.

Don't be blinded by love, here are 7 types of men you should never get married to.

1. The liar

Remember 'if the foundation is faulty what can the righteous do?' Why marry a man that lie about little things.

If you can’t believe every word he says, please don’t marry him.

2. The flirt

If you observe he flirts with everything in a skirt, then he will definitely cheat on you if you marry him.

A man who cheats has no regard for woman and yours won't be an exemption.

3. The fashion-obsessed