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Support For Scottish Independence Has Fallen Slightly

Support For Scottish Independence Has Fallen Slightly

Support for Scottish independence has fallen slightly, as has support for the Union, according to two new opinion polls published today.

The gap between the Yes and No camps remains close enough for the “don’t knows” to deliver the swing needed to secure a Yes vote in September.

The percentage of Scots polled who plan to vote Yes in the referendum has fallen to 37 per cent in the latest Survation poll, down from 39 per cent in last month’s study by the pollsters on behalf of the Daily Record, Dundee University and the website Better Nation.

But support for a No vote is also down, from 48 per cent to 47 per cent.

A separate poll by Panelbase puts support for a Yes vote at 40 per cent, which is down by one point on a poll issued by the same organisation at the weekend.

Those planning to vote No is also down by a point to 45 per cent according to the latest Panelbase survey carried out on behalf of the Yes Scotland campaign.

It means the “don’t knows” could still deliver victory for the Yes camp in September, with a six point swing needed in the Survation survey and a three point swing needed in Panelbase. There has been a marked shift in support for Yes since the start of the year.

It comes as the SNP prepares to gather for its Spring conference in Aberdeen this weekend - the last before the referendum.

Pro-union Better Together campaign chief Alistair Darling said the poll showed that Scots want to remain part of Britain.

He added: “While the SNP spend every day talking about how they want to break up the UK, devolution is clearly the settled will of the Scottish people.”

But Yes Scotland campaign chief Blair Jenkins said the poll puts his campaign “in reach of success in September.”

He added: “Like other surveys, it shows the deluge of negativity and scaremongering from the No campaign is not working.”

-Culled From Scotsman

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