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Jonathan’s Exit Will End Boko Haram Insurgency – Sheikh (Dr) Ahmed Gumi

"The exit of President Goodluck Jonathan from office will mark the end of Boko Haram insurgency."; according to renowned Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh (Dr) Ahmed Gumi.

Sheikh Gumi made this comment in Kaduna when he received the leader of Sam4Nigeria, Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah and his team at his residence.He also said that the country can only get good and responsible leaders if the votes of Nigerians are allowed to count.

“People should be allowed to elect their leaders. I hope that in 2015 people will be allowed to fully exercise their rights,” he said.

Accoording to him,  once people are allowed to exercise their rights,the problems ravaging the country will disappear “but when people try to impose themselves on people against their will, this is when you have insurgency, which we are having here because the crisis of leadership relates to legitimacy of government.”

The respected cleric further called on political parties in the country to avoid the imposition of candidates, saying it was the principal cause of crisis in the country.

Gumi also commended Mr Nda-Isaiah for aspiring for the presidency of the country,  saying that his decision to present himself to salvage the country from its woes through the provision of quality leadership was a welcome development and wished him well in his endeavours.

The Islamic scholar said “What Nigeria needs are capable leaders who will unite the whole entity and tackle the challenges bedevilling it.

We need to live in peace, work for common interest and respect individual interest, and we need freedom of speech and fundamental human rights.

He reiterated that people should have the right to express themselves and propagate their religion, noting that Muslims, Christians and pagans were all seen as one people in the treaty that brought the country into existence.

The leader of Sam4Nigeria and presidential hopeful for the 2015 general elections, Mr Sam Nda-Isaiah, in his speech, told the renowned Sheikh that he was not on a presidential campaign but on a consultation tour to relevant stakeholders in the country.

He said the country was sick and needed a courageous leader to heal her; He added that he was consulting on his ambition to provide quality leadership for the country, stressing that things had gone so bad in the country due to bad leadership.

Mr.Sam Nda-Isaiah concluded by saying that the country was facing serious division based on ethnicity and religion, which he blamed on leaders who pursue issues that divide the country rather than unite it.

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