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Security Assault: Immigration Officer Threatens to Kill Galaxy TV Reporter.

Security Assault: Immigration Officer Threatens to Kill Galaxy TV Reporter.

In a shocking turn of events, Galaxy Television news correspondent Segun Falomo, was assaulted and threatened at gunpoint by immigration officers in Ibadan.

The incident occurred on Friday, after the Oyo State Road Transport Management Agency, OYRTMA official was arrested and detained for apprehending an immigration personnel who violated traffic rules by driving against the flow of traffic.

According to eyewitness reports, the immigration officers retaliated by arresting the OYRTMA official, stripping him naked, and locking him up at their Zone F headquarters on Old Ife Road.

In an apparent attempt to cover up the incident, the officers then turned their aggression towards the journalists present, including Falomo.

Falomo, who resisted the officers’ attempts to seize his camera and footage of the incident, was pushed to the ground and threatened with death, while the immigration officer had already pointed his gun at him, threatening to shoot. He was saved from further harm by the intervention of other journalists and bystanders.

The incident has sparked outrage among media professionals and advocates, who are calling for an immediate investigation into the actions of the immigration officers involved.

They are also demanding justice for Falomo and the OYRTMA official, as well as appropriate disciplinary measures to be taken against the officers to prevent such abuses of power in the future.

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