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Toke Makinwa shares emotional abuse experience

Toke Makinwa shares emotional abuse experience

Media personality Toke Makinwa has expressed how deep emotional abuse can affect one's way of life.

Toke, who recently divorce with estranged husband, Maje Ayida officialy, took to social media to create awareness on emotional abuse.

According to her, she tend to raise quality awareness on the important topic as it’s often overlooked by many.

Toke, while revealed this in her series of tweets, she noted; “I had a chat on my show about emotional abuse yesterday and I have made up my mind to raise awareness on this topic

When people hear emotional abuse they are quick to think man/woman dynamic but do you know parents emotionally abuse their kids too

You hear how some parents talk down on their children, the harsh words used to correct them, magnifying their weakness and in some cases

Some mothers take the frustration of the fathers out on their kids, some fathers in a bid to get back at their wives do the same

You hear of a man divorcing his wife and out of bitterness inflicts the pain on his children, he doesn’t pay school fees….

The woman also out of bitterness of the father leaving takes her anger out on the children words like “you are useless like your father” …

Even in work places, a boss uses his position to talk down at everyone, emotional abuse is not restricted to love relationships alone

Sometimes the perpetrators don’t even know it. There’s a cycle of my parents raised me that way and I didn’t die therefore my kids won’t too

Some of us were raised in hostile homes, mummy and daddy’s mood determined the general mood in the house

When they fight you dare not come of your room or ask for anything, sometimes you blame yourself for why your parents hate each other

They won’t separate because of what the society would say but the children go thru hell and endure the result of the bad choices they made

That child now grows up and if help is not given goes on to be abusive in his own relationship too. It’s a Cycle we must break

I know of a man who doesn’t take care of his own son cos in his words “she trapped me”. Like that’s your child!!!!!”

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