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"I was raped while modestly dressed"- Actress Gabrielle Union

Actress, Gabrielle Union has shared her experience of being raped at work even though she was decently dressed.


Gabrielle took to Twitter Sunday, October 15 to remind her followers that dressing modestly doesn’t stop sexual assault on ladies.

“Sexual violence & harassment can happen to anyone at any time anywhere,” she began. “Ppl remain silent 4 many different very personal reasons. Judgment, victim shaming/blaming, loss of job/$, fear of violence, retaliation.”

Union in her string of tweets spoke about her own rape experience and defended other rape survivors. Reiterating the notion that women should never be blamed for being assaulted or harassed, nor for staying silent.

Gabrielle talked about this after “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik wrote an op-ed for the New York Times where she said that she made the choice to dress modestly and refrain from flirting to keep herself safe.

“In a perfect world, women should be free to act however they want. But our world isn’t perfect. Nothing — absolutely nothing — excuses men for assaulting or abusing women. But we can’t be naïve about the culture we live in,” Bialik wrote.

However, Bialik reacted that her words were misinterpreted.

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