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Twice As Tall

Twice As Tall

Written By Mc Busta

In the days of God's creation, God created man on the sixth day and decided to create a helper. After the creation of a woman from a man's rib, they began to see beyond there creator, because they disobeyed by eating the forbidden apple, God cursed them both, from that time, man became awakened by the realities of life, to deal with hardship, torment, envy, hatred, success, fortune among others.

At a time when things are hard, you see man working extra time on his schedule at work, in the studio, in the creative industry.

Gone are the days, as a scholar you get your required job or finding yourself in an organization or sector of your study, not anymore.

Taking the Nigeria music industry as a case study where we have artists working tirelessly, dropping songs every day, sleeping in the studio working to remain relevant, unlike 15 to 20years back where we enjoy a particular song for 'so long', Rest On legendary Majek Fashek.

Life is not a bed of roses!!

A man should never feel neglected in his or her craft, believing in oneself is key as he or she continues to put in hard work, some day the world will reckon with your craft just like;

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, known professionally as Burna Boy, a Nigerian singer and songwriter who stood the test of time. He is, "Twice As Tall" As the Goliath in the Nigerian music industry

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